Crane Components


The proposed equipment for cranes is most often performed on customers requirements.
ELMOT offers the following components:

Endtrucks used for standing or hanging cranes with one-or two-beam supporting structure:
- load - up to 1500 kN (for cranes with load capacity up to 32 t)
- span (distance between rails) - up to 25 m

- diameter - up to 500 mm
- load - up to 750 kN (total capacity in double girder trolley with 4 pcs. - up to 250 tons)
- maximum width of the rail - up to 120 mm

Rope load limiters - are offered for maximum load at a branch of the rope from 0.25 - 12.5 t

Hook Blocks (Lower Blocks) and Reversal/Equalizing Blocks (Upper Blocks) for multi-reeve rope-systems etc.

Block-stroke wheels with two- or three-stage heliocentric gear unit mounted inside of the wheel - Innovative design to reduce dimensions and weight repeatedly