ELMOT JSC was established in 1967 and in a very short period of time it became the biggest producer of asynchronous motors with integrated conical rotors and brake in the world. By 2010 we produced more than 2.3 million motors. We offer Single and Double speed with a rated output of 0.06 - 46 kW. The explosion-proof version is up to 20 kW.

Performed for various requirements of the working environment - tropical, marine, special (chemical aggressive environment).

Optionally, we add thermal protection, anti-condensation heaters, etc.

Different types of joining can be performed, according to the mechanisms which are embedded.

We produce various modifications with voltage frequency 50/60 Hz.

Modes: S3 - up to 25/50% (up to 300 bpm).

Fields of application:
- Lifting types - The main lifting electric wire rope hoists
- Driving types - built-in motor-gear group
-Any drives requiring that mode.