Electric motors Electric wire rope hoists

ELMOT JSC is the largest manufacturer of asynchronous electric motors with conical rotor and internal brake, single and double speed, with power 0.00-46kW. In "Hazardous Areas": up to 20 kW - work in explosion atmosphere Ex(d)IIBT5;Ex(d)IICT5 by EN5018). Mode S3 (up to 25/50%)

In 2001 ELMOT JSC started production of electric wire rope hoists. For a short time is taken up extremely wide range of capacity, practically unlimited heights, speeds etc., which puts the company among the leading electric wire rope hoists manufacturers in the world. The company produce two types: with internal reducer: VAT(1-150t.), VVAT(1-25t.);
with external reducer: VMT(0.5-16t.), VVMT(0.5-16t.);

Geared motors Crane components

Apply to the movement and positioning of goods - mostly in drive the wheels. Explosion-proof – category Ex(d)IIBT5; Ex(d)IICT5 by EN5018

ELMOT JSC offers a full range of equipment for cranes with a load capacity up to 150 t. - End trucks, block-stroke wheels, load limiters etc.
Manufacture and repair of the crane (double girder) and monorail trolleys.

Crane trading
and manufacturing

2004 laid the foundations of crane constructing in the plant, which opened the way of the mark ELMOT® to promote worldwide and put the ELMOT JSC among the world's leading crane manufacturers.

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